Plot to Punctuation Terms of Use

It makes me sad that I have to have a Terms of Use page for my website at all, but I guess that's life these days.

This blog and its comments are the sole intellectual property of Jason Black, owner and operator of Plot to Punctuation, LLC. I retain the right to rename, amend, or otherwise alter this site in any way and at any time, making full and complete re-use of prior content as I see fit.

Third parties (that means you) may not re-use any material, either from my blog or other pages on my site, without prior written permission. If you're being cool and you have a legitimate reason to want to re-use my content in a different context, all you have to do is ask. I will probably be delighted to have the free publicity. Just contact me and ask first.

I reserve the right to update these terms any time. I retain the right to determine when and carry out any appropriate remediation actions.