Contact Me

You may get in touch with me in any of the following ways:


You may e-mail me at: hover here for e-mail address because spammers are evil. Note: I've tried to make that work on all browsers. If it doesn't work on yours, my e-mail address is just <my first name> And if you don't know my name, you can find it on my homepage.

For inquiries about editing, please be sure to include your manuscript's title and length to the nearest thousand words. The title is helpful to keep me from confusing your book with someone else's. I need the length to determine the fee for the job as described on my Editing page.

I also welcome e-mail with random questions about publishing, writing, et cetera.


Follow me on Twitter as @p2p_editor.

I don't tweet all that prolifically, certainly not by the standards of many, but twitter remains the best way be alerted to new blog posts as well as the usual 140 character ramblings, retweets of stuff that amuses me, and bleeding-heart causes.


Does anyone actually use phones to talk on anymore? I suppose someone must.

If you absolutely must get ahold of me in person you can call me at 425-830-5101, during business hours, Monday through Friday, Pacific time (GMT-8). I don't promise to answer my phone for unrecognized numbers outside of business hours. Please use this as a last resort unless you're someone I know and you lost my phone number or whatever.